Monday, December 9, 2019

101 Drum Circle Rhythms ( Djembe DVD Drumming Pt. 1

Like many other independent musicians I was left with a few dozen DVD's when everything shifted to streaming. I had an Amazon special going last week, If you bought my 101 Drum Circle Rhythms DVD at Amazon for $14.95, I was including all 4 of my drum circle jam CD's with it free, (in mp3 format on a CD disc). It's over 5 & 1/2 hours of jamming and grooving drum jam music. A pretty good deal, even these days.

The music is various cultures, tempos, & styles. There's Australian didgeridoos on a lot of tracks, Native American flutes on a few, & all sorts of amazing djembe players in an improv. setting. It's a whole lot of music, in addition to my djembe drum rhythms DVD. Makes a fun gift for your favorite drummer, or add them to your own playlist. I'm extending this package until the end of December, or until they are sold out.

Here's the Amazon link:

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