Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are Musicians Also Actors?

Musicians and artists already possess many of the skill sets to cross over into acting, especially when it comes to acting in TV commercials. All that’s needed is a little realistic information about how the industry works, for example what tools are needed. And that's the intent of my 240 page working actor book. I priced it at 5 dollars. July is my virtual book launch. If you buy my Kindle book for $5, read it, and leave a short review on the Amazon Kindle site, I will send you 2 of my drum circle jam CD’s free, and cover the shipping to anywhere in the world.

With the economy the way it is, and the lack of jobs, a lot of people are hurting out there. I hope I can help a few people out, and possibly even help a few realize their dream. You can explore whether the acting field is something that might be right for you. If nothing else, you get 2 jamming CD’s shipped for five bucks.

In my book, I share my 20 years of experience as an actor, the realities of the business, the ups and downs, and things I learned. (Most of them the hard way!) Intertwined are a lot of auditioning, and acting anecdotes. Most of them I have never shared with anyone, including my friends. A lot of it is deeply personal, but putting ourselves out there to be judged, is part of what we do as artists. Johnny Depp went out to LA to work as a musician, and look how that worked out.

On Kindle, the book is translated in almost every language. This promo is good anytime during the month of July. After you leave a review, I will contact you.

Just go to my actor page website: No registering or signing up for anything is required, other than what Amazon requires in order to buy Kindle books. The title is: "An Actor's Face, Audition, Casting Advice, And Anecdotes From A Working Actor".


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