Tuesday, March 22, 2011

15 Free Drum Circle Ring Tones & Mp3's + Drum Circle Finder

Prices are going up, and not everyone can afford even minor music purchases these days. So I wanted to put some drum circle mp3's and ringtones out there free of charge so people can have a little FREE fun. No registering, or signing up for anything is required. You can listen to them, or download them if you want. There are also some full length drum circle mp3's. Check them all out at my drumcircles.net website.

My wife kept asking me to make her a drum circle ringtone, so I finally got around to it. I made 8 different ones from my drum circle CD's. She liked 2 of them, the bellydance jam ringtone, and the hip hop drum circle ringtone, (me to). But, there are 8 uploaded there for you to choose from. Some are a little whacky, but there might be one you like.

I also made 7 single djembe drum rhythm ringtones. Those ain't bad either. Please feel free to give them a listen, pick one out, or snag all of them, then your phone can be Jammin' when you get a call. Or people will think you are a little nuts. But hey, you saved a buck.

Find a drum circle near you: drumcircles.net/circlelist.html

Promote yours: facebook.com/DrumCircleFinder

Drum circle mp3's and ringtones: drumcircles.net (They are located near the bottom of the home page.)


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