Sunday, January 10, 2010

3 Lyric Version Of Djembe Rhythm Fanga

Most of us who have been to a few drum circles have played and/or sang "Fanga" before. Usually it's just the first verse. Here's the 3 Lyric version of it. Give it a try.

1. Fanga Alafayia, ashé ashé (4 times) (ashe = ahh-shay)
Fanga Alafayia, ashé, ashé
CHORUS: Asé, Asé. Asé, Asé. (x4)

2. Ikabo A Lafiya - Ashe - Ashe (x4)
Ikabo A Lafiya - Ashe-Ashe
CHORUS: Asé, Asé. Asé, Asé. (x4)

3. Ellugua A Lafiya- Ashe-Ashe (x4)
Ellegua A Lafiya- Ashe- Ashe
CHORUS: Ashé, Ashé. Ashé, Ashé. (x4)

Djembe Part 1: Dun, -, -, go, +, do, go, -, Dun, -, Gun, -, do, go, -, -

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